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    Subject2.3.43 alpha broken with >2g of ram
    Richard, I assume you know you removed the alpha 2g limit of ram on 2.3.43
    and that you only removed the limit without being able to support more
    than 2giga of ram so you broken all drivers that does some kind of PCI-DMA
    in the kernel without fixing them (except some network driver that is
    completly not interesting for using the bigmem anyway).

    Could you explain me how can 2.3.43 work? How do you do PCI-DMA over 2giga
    of ram on the page cache or on the buffer cache or in whatever else DMA
    with pci driver that is not yet using the new pci mmu code like some
    network driver is just doing?

    After you did this change:

    @@ -225,15 +232,8 @@
    max_low_pfn = end;

    - /* Enforce maximum of 2GB even if there is more. Blah. */
    - if (max_low_pfn > PFN_MAX)
    - max_low_pfn = PFN_MAX;
    - printk("max_low_pfn %ld\n", max_low_pfn);
    /* Find the end of the kernel memory. */
    start_pfn = PFN_UP(virt_to_phys(_end));
    - printk("_end %p, start_pfn %ld\n", _end, start_pfn);
    bootmap_start = -1;


    did you then tried at once to run it a machine with more than 2giga of ram
    to verify if it survives more than some minute of uptime? Can somebody
    with >2giga try to run 2.3.43 and confirm that it crashes at the first

    If you have more than 2giga of ram you'd better back out the above change
    before running 2.3.43.

    I'll port the _real_ 2T support I did in 2.2.x to the latest 2.3.x ASAP
    (it was just in my TODO list).


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