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SubjectScheduled Transfer Protocol on Linux

I'd like to announce the source code release for Scheduled Transfer
Protocol (STP) support in Linux. SGI played a major role in the
development of STP to address 2 sides of the performance coin at the
same time: high bandwidth and low latency. Current GSN hardware with
STP achieves 720MB/sec on a single stream in bandwidth and 6 usec in
latency validating these combined design goals.

SGI is interested in bringing the STP technology to Linux, and to
lower cost interfaces like Gigabit Ethernet. This is an experimental
0.1 alpha release providing some pieces towards this goal. This
release is not intended to be integrated into the kernel in its
current state of development. We'd like this release to serve as
the framework to define our goals for the project and the issues
we're attempting to address, get feedback regarding our approach
for its continued development, explore avenues to leverage off and
provide leverage to any related work, and to invite contributions
from everyone interested.

The code constitutes a minimal patch to the kernel to enable support
for STP. The core of the STP functionality can be loaded/unloaded as
modules (or linked into the kernel). Please refer to
to download the code, to get more information about STP and the
project, or to join the STP development mailing list.


Aman Singla (

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