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SubjectSysRq behavior
I don't remember having the same problem months (6?) ago when
I built my first Kernel with this enabled (well, maybe I never
touched the key).

When built into the Kernel, by only pressing the
PrintScreen/SysRq the current application is terminated (tested
on a console and GNU screen). Is this just me or I should
expect it?

% calc
C-style arbitrary precision calculator (version 2.11.2t1.0)
Calc is open software. For license details type: help
[Type "exit" to exit, or "help" for help.]

> zsh: quit

While running the application I press the key and you see the
result. It's very annoying because I accidentaly keep touching

Kernel 2.2.17 on x86 (br-abnt2 keyboard, kbd 1.03). glibc 2.2,
but Kernel compiled with egcs 1.1.2.

The SysRq stuff works:

Dec 9 04:09:05 pervalidus kernel: SysRq: unRaw saK Boot Sync
Unmount showPc showTasks showMem loglevel0-8 tErm kIll killalL

0@pervalidus.{net,{dyndns.}org} TelFax: 55-21-717-2399 (Niterói-RJ BR)
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