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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.18pre25
> It doesnt even apply

sorry Alan, I think it's because I had to copy/paste
with my mouse under X into my browser (I don't have
smtp access here at work), and it applies here with a
-12 lines offset...

Here it is attached for 2.2.18pre25, but since the
server is running now (under 2.2.18pre20+patch), I
won't be able to test it till next week, but
I'm a bit confident since it will do the same as the
one which currently allows this server to boot.

as soon as I can reboot it, I promise I will test the
kernel with and without the patch to be really sure.
but before that, if people who have problems with
megaraid/netraid could give it a try, that would be
cool. Also, it would be nice if people for which the
normal megaraid driver works would accept to check
doesn't break anything.


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