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SubjectRe: Disableing USB.
> Er... Well, the traditional solution has been "don't build it into your
> kernel if you don't want it", but in the case of stock kernels, that
> isn't always an option, I suppose. Theoretically, the two devices
> shouldn't step on each other, but this is a computer. Theory is so far
> removed from practice that it's... Well, I can't think up a good
> analogy. It's far.
> *looks at kernel config options*
> Well, it looks like the usb cores (UHCI and OHCI) can be modular. Why
> aren't they in the stock kernel, other than possibly autodetection
> problems? If they are built as modules, using expert mode in RedHat or
> whatever equivalent may be in other dists may let you avoid insmodding
> the USB stuff...

Nope. Expert just means you'll be doing allot of stuff manually, Like
partitioning, package selection, configureing X, and some net stuff.

> Beyond that, having a command-line disable feature does seem pretty
> neat. Although why would you want to disable procfs? Maybe I missed
> something there, but it seems awful darn important to leave out. :-)

I was just using that as an example. Being able to disbale whatever part
of the kernel you want might be really helpfull in many cases... Maybe
procfs was a bad example... :P

Bryan Whitehead

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