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SubjectRe: Linux 2.2.18pre25
According to Alan Cox:
> > my server currently works with that patch, but I'm sure it won't boot anymore
> > if I apply this 2.2.18pre25 alone.
> Some days I don't know why I bother

Bad day, Alan? ;)

> > just in case, here it is again.
> It doesnt even apply

Hmm, it did apply for me. Do newer versions of patch have the -l option
on by default?

Anyway. I just threw together a testmachine with a megaraid card.
With 2.2.18pre18, it doesn't boot. With 2.2.18pre18 + Willy's patch,
it does boot.

And with 2.2.18pre25 without any extra patches, it magically works.

So I took the plunge and compiled 2.2.18pre25 on the production
machine with the megaraid. And well, it's coming up as I write this.

I see that another patch _has_ been applied between pre18 and pre25
that tooks out some forward/backwards-compat logic with LINUX_VERSION_CODE
magic (beneath /* Read the base port and IRQ from PCI */). And
reading the patch, it makes sense. It probably does about the same
as Willy's patch, but the "right" way by using pci_resource_start()
which the one in pre18 only did for kernels > 2.3.0

So, it looks like pre25 has a working megaraid driver. Thanks Alan.

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