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SubjectRe: [Fwd: NTFS repair tools]
On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 09:43:24PM -0700, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> Peter Samuelson wrote:
> >
> > [Jeff Merkey]
> > > Do folks not know this NTFS driver will trash hard drives? We need
> > > to alert folks DO NOT USE WRITE NTFS MODE in those versions we know
> > > are busted.

> > Here's an idea: let's make r/w support a separate CONFIG option, and
> > label it "DANGEROUS".

> > Oh wait, we already do that.

> > Perhaps we should warn users to back up their NTFS partitions before
> > trying this option. Put that warning in the help text for

> > Oh wait, we already do that too.

> > How stupid does one have to be in order to enable an option labeled
> > "DANGEROUS" for a non-experimental system?

> Agree. We need to disable it, since folks do not read the docs
> (obviously). Of course, we could leave it on, and I could start
> charging money for these tools -- there's little doubt it would be a
> lucrative business. Perhaps this is what I'll do if the numbers of
> copies keeps growing. When it hits > 100 per week, it's taking a lot of
> our time to support, so I will have to start charging for it.


How disabled do you want it. It can't even be enabled unless
you enabled experimental code options. Then, it's disabled by default
and you first have to enable the R/O NTFS. Then you have to explicitly
select the option to enable RW access that is clearly labeled DANGEROUS.
This thing is not armed and dangerous due to an act of ommision. It's
live and active only through three acts of commision.

About the only thing left, short of removing it from the kernel
entirely, is to make the option a hidden control option, like some of the
debugging options, that requires editing a header file or a Makefile to
enable. Is that what you are looking for?

> Jeff

> Jeff

> >
> > Peter

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