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SubjectRe: Serial cardbus code.... for testing, please.....

I didn't have time to do more than just quickly apply the patch and leave
in a hurry, but my Vaio certainly recognized the serial port on the combo
cardbus card I have with this patch. Everything looked fine - I got a
message saying it found a 16450 on ttyS4 when I plugged the card in.

Ted, I have the in-kernel pcmcia on both Toves VAIO 505VE, and on both the
VAIO picturebooks I have (Pentium/MMX 266 and crusoe-600), and I saw the
serial chip on the first try with your patch. I'm surprised you seem to
have so many problems. All the thin-and-light VAIO's have very similar
electronics (the big power-VAIO's are different, but you said you had a
505VX, right?).

Why are you using "epic_cb"? That's almost certainly not going to work
with the in-kernel cardbus driver. Use the standard epic100 PCI driver, it
should work directly. No need to mess with any modules, or anything like
that. You don't even need cardmgr - the device just shows up. Same thing
with the serial card - remove all traces of serial_cb.

(Of course, I use tulip instead of epic100, so maybe there's an epic
driver bug, but it's definitely hotplug-aware).


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