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SubjectRe: Pthreads, linux, gdb, oh my! (fwd)

It ran fine on my stock Mandrake 7.2 system - linux-2.2.17-21mdk and
glibc-2.2-5mdk. The program ran fine in both environments - command line
and gdb-5.0. Loadavg creeps up slowly as the program continues to run. At
thread #37000, loadavb is 3.65. The ps command indicates 4 threads for the
program (including gdb).


At 05:15 PM 12/8/00, Peter Berger wrote:

>Thanks for testing this and finding a working counterexample! I am still
>professionally interested to know if the difference is that you are
>running a 2.4 kernel, or the glibc. Anyone running a 2.2 kernel with
>glibc 2.2 want to drop me a line?

David Relson Osage Software Systems, Inc. 514 W. Keech Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48103
voice: 734.821.8800 fax: 734.821.8800

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