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SubjectRe: io_request_lock question (2.2)
> On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > Yes, and I believe that this is what's broken about the SCSI midlayer. The the
> > > io_request_lock cannot be completely released in a SCSI HBA because the flags
> >
> > You can drop it with spin_unlock_irq and that is fine. I do that with no
> > problems in the I2O scsi driver for example
> I am (like, I think I *finally* got locking sorta right in my QLogic driver),
> but doesn't this still leave ints blocked for this CPU at least?
> -matt

I am actually concerned about the following case:

The add_request ON CPU_1 function calls

Our I/O Function unlocks the spinlock and goes to sleep.

Finally, the add_request function, NOW ON CPU_2 calls
and restores the flags of CPU_1 on CPU_2.

What am I missing? Are the flags which we restore valid for all the CPU's the same?

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