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SubjectRe: Pthreads, linux, gdb, oh my! (fwd)
On  8 Dec 00 at 14:43, Peter Berger wrote:
> > tg->created may be out of date
> ...
> > You can create it, count it, then up tg->created out of order
> Well, you're right, but this is picking lint. Making this change (see
> for the corrected version)
> certainly doesn't make the problem go away (nor would I expect it to).

Can you tell me again (private, probably), which problem do you have?

After I fixed source to get it to compile with -W -Wall -Werror
(missing includes, wrong parameters to main...), and compiling with
-D_REENTRANT, I received nice ./a.out, which runs under 2.4.0-test12-pre7,
glibc-2.2 both standalone and in gdb (gdb 5.0) (all tools except
kernel as of today woody). In gdb I had to do
'handle SIG32 noprint nostop pass', as by default gdb stops on SIG32

Now it runs and runs and runs... I do not see any unreaped childrens.
After thread 100000 it finished.
Best regards,
Petr Vandrovec

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