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SubjectRe: Networking: RFC1122 and 1123 status for kernel 2.4
On Fri, Dec 08, 2000 at 07:41:22PM +0300, wrote:
> /**
> * kfree_skb - free an sk_buff
> * @skb: buffer to free
> *
> * Drop a reference to the buffer and free it if the usage count has
> * hit zero.
> */
> People, who need _literal_ translation from C to English to understand
> two lines of code, really exist in the nature? To be honest, I would not ever
> understand what is to "drop a reference to the buffer and free it
> if the usage count has hit zero" not looking to code. 8)

The idea is that they can be read externally (generated using make
(ps|html|pdf)docs into Documentation/DocBook). Some people have a irrational
problem with RTFS and prefer to read external documentation @)

> Seven times:
> * If this function is called from an interrupt gfp_mask() must be
> Deep thought, of course. Deep enough to be repeated in each place,
> where gfp is used. 8)
> Well, I am a fossil, of course, and like to read sources printed on paper
> and all these pretentions to convert readbale text to hypertext irritate me.
> But such deep thoughts eat even more expensive space on screen!

So write a 4 line perl script to filter them out before printing ?

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