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SubjectRe: That horrible hack from hell called A20
Hi Peter.

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Linus Torvalds wrote:

>> Actually, I bet I know what's up.
>> Want to bet $5 USD that suspend/resume saves the keyboard A20 state,
>> but does NOT save the fast-A20 gate information?
>> So anything that enables A20 with only the fast A20 gate will find
>> that A20 is disabled again on resume.
>> Which would make Linux _really_ unhappy, needless to say. Instant
>> death in the form of a triple fault (all of the Linux kernel code is
>> in the 1-2MB area, which would be invisible), resulting in an
>> instant reboot.
>> Peter, we definitely need to do the keyboard A20, even if fast-A20
>> works fine.

> Yup. It's a BIOS bug, oh what a shocker... (that never happens,
> right)?

One alternative would presumably be to reserve a block in the 0-1M
region for a routine to be called on resume that makes sure everything
is set up correctly. However, from the various comments, I gather that
such is not viable as it's already been excluded for other reasons, but
nobody seems to say precicely what the problems with this idea are?

I would presume such a routine would be set up such that when it's time
to suspend, a call is made to that routine at its 0-1M address, so when
the resume kicks in, it sees an IP in the 0-1M region to resume to.

As part of the kernel start-up, the kernel would reserve the page in
question, then copy the suspend/resume code to it, and only then would
it enable the suspend/resume facility.

Best wishes from Riley.

* Why didn't Linus Torvalds write the resume specification,
* rather than those idiots at MacroHard !!!

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