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SubjectRe: New CD-R high capacity drive specs are coming. (fwd)

Why bother, Calimetrics has a native driver solution that does a
modulation on the beam power of the laser that will triple or quadruple
the current media densities with out getting new media or new drives.

Just so you know that all of these new drive specs that claim to be
coming, I have more than likely seen or was part of, this one did not
evern register as a point of interest.

I call this stuff the ONION CD, becasue the energy require to burn a 10
layer media, regardless that you use a dye laser, will rip appart.
As long as they stay in the WORM mode it may be safe, but if they attemp
CDRW then it will die.


Andre Hedrick
CTO Timpanogas Research Group
EVP Linux Development, TRG
Linux ATA Development

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, M Sweger wrote:

> Hi,
> See the article below.
> I just read that the specs are out for three different types of CD-R
> drives in terms of disk capacity and speeds from Constellation 3D,and it
> is heading towards manufacturing. It's great for movies and coporate
> archiving, but was degraded for the consumer market -- Nothing above
> 5Gb/side for the consumer whereas for the coporate it's 200Gb/side. I
> don't think it will compete for the PC market unless the disk capacities
> are upped! Probably purposely degraded so that you can't copy a HDTV DVD
> to your PC CD-R disk. Here is the
> <a href="">link </a>

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