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SubjectRe: The horrible hack from hell called A20

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Miles Lane wrote:
> I have also just tried a test pass with 3c59x built in and
> USB built as modules. I booted with only the 3c575 inserted.
> I got eth0 running and then loaded usb-ohci (with the enable
> bus mastering change added). This resulted in modprobe hanging
> again.

I bet you're hanging on the rtnl_semaphore due to having a /sbin/hotplug

Miles, mind trying out a really simple change in the
____call_usermodehelper() function in kernel/kmod.c?

Change: #if 0 out the whole block that says "if (retval >= 0)" and does
the waiting for the child. We shouldn't wait for the user mode helper:
that's just going to cause nasty deadlocks. Deadlocks like the one you
seem to be seeing, in fact.

Does your ifconfig problem go away with that fix?


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