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Subjectattempt to access beyond end of device
ll_rw_blk.c: generic_make_request() contains the following code:

if (maxsector < count || maxsector - count < sector) {
bh->b_state &= (1 << BH_Lock) | (1 << BH_Mapped);
if (blk_size[major][MINOR(bh->b_rdev)]) {

/* This may well happen - the kernel calls bread()
without checking the size of the device, e.g.,
when mounting a device. */
"attempt to access beyond end of device\n");
printk(KERN_INFO "%s: rw=%d, want=%d, limit=%d\n",
kdevname(bh->b_rdev), rw,
(sector + count)>>1,
bh->b_end_io(bh, 0);

That means that if blk_size[major][MINOR(bh->b_rdev)] == 0, the request
is canceled but no message is printed. Shouldn't there be a warning message?


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