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SubjectRE: Signal 11
Hi all,

Thanks for all the input so far. Regarding this...

> (I'm not sure exactly what cerberos does, do you have a link for it ?).

The official name is "Cerberus Test Control System" aka CTCS. I don't know
the official site but a search for this should reveal something. Anyway it
is a pretty comprehensive test that includes multiple kernel compiles,
memory tests, disk test, etc, etc. Like I said, I ran this for more than 15
hours with no problems.

Well, actually, I did notice that if I run CTCS from within X then it
freezes up after a few minutes. This appears to happen when/because of
extreme swapping.

Aside from the above I've also run repeated kernel compiles (more than 50
times) with 'make -j bzImage' and had no problems; all outputs were

So given these tests, I'm reasonably confident the core hardware is ok. I
suppose it is possible there's some iffy bits in the G400's VRAM (but
wouldn't that just result in screen artifacts?). I will admit that I have't
yet tried swapping RAM or any other system components.

Any other ideas?

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