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SubjectRe: Signal 11

"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> > So have you enabled core dumps and actually looked at the core dumps
> > of the programs using gdb to see where they crashed ?
> Yes. I can only get the SSH crash when I am running remotely from the
> house over the internet, and it only shows then when running a build in
> jobserver mode (parallel build). The X problem seems related as well,
> since it's related to (usually) NetScape spawing off a forked process.
> I will attempt to recreate tonight, and post the core dump file.

BTW. Were I to wager a guess, I would guess it's related to the paging
problems in 2.4 when a process gets cloned, since everytime I have seen
it, it happens when a child process gets forked then accesses the cloned
data from the parent. In the previous core dumps, it always puked right
after a call to fork() when the child process attempted to WRITE (not
read) data in the program.

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