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SubjectRe: Signal 11
On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> I think there may be a case when a process forks, that the MMU or some
> other subsystem is either not setting the page bits correctly, or
> mapping in a bad page. It's a LEVEL I bug in 2.4 is this is the case,
> BTW. In core dumps (I've looked at 2 of them from SSH) it barfs right
> after executing fork() or one of the exec functions and at some places
> in the code where there's not any obvious coding bugs. Looks like some
> type of mapping problem. I reported it three months ago, but it was
> pretty much ignored.
> Linus needs to add this one to the pre-12 list -- looks like some type
> of mapping bug.

Now that you mention it, every app that has bombed has been the type
that forks a lot. MpegTV, gtv, and make spring to mind. All apps drive
the CPU load up quite a lot, which was why I initially suspected
overheating. I don't see it on my other 2.4 boxes though which is
suspicious. But they don't get as much of a beating as this, which was
up until last week my main workstation.



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| SuSE Labs

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