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SubjectRe: fs corruption with invalidate_buffers()
On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 03:07:23AM +0100, Jan Niehusmann wrote:
> While resizing the filesystem, invalidate_buffers() is called from the
> lvm code. (lvm.c, line 2251, in lvm_do_lv_extend_reduce())
> If I remove this call, the corruption goes away. But this is probably not
> the correct fix, as it can cause problems when reducing the lv size.

Some more details:

I added the following code to put_last_free(bh) in buffer.c:

--- buffer.c.orig Wed Dec 6 17:19:57 2000
+++ buffer.c Thu Dec 7 19:55:39 2000
@@ -500,6 +500,11 @@
struct bh_free_head *head = &free_list[BUFSIZE_INDEX(bh->b_size)];
struct buffer_head **bhp = &head->list;

+ if(bh->b_page && Page_Uptodate(bh->b_page)
+ && bh->b_page->mapping) { // XXX ???
+ BUG();
+ }
bh->b_state = 0;


That is, if I want to put a buffer to the free list, I check if it is
mapped and uptodate. If I understand the memory management correctly, this
is a Bad Thing and should not happen. But guess what? It does, in

I think invalidate_buffers should check if the buffer belongs to a
mapped page, and if it does, invalidate this mapping.


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