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SubjectRe: kernel BUG at buffer.c:827! and scsi modules no load at boot w/ initrd - test12pre7
In article <>,
Mohammad A. Haque <> wrote:
>I'm getting a BUG at boot in buffer.c:827. Oops/ksymoops at teh end of
>this message. I also noticed that the driver for my scsi card isn't
>loading at boot if compiled as a module using initrd. This is what I get
>during the boot process.

This is a new BUG-check, where "UnlockPage()" actually verifies that the
page was locked before it unlocks it.

Trying to unlock a page that isn't locked is a nasty bug - if it happens
it probably also means that with some bad luck that unlock could have
unlocked the page that somebody _else_ had locked, and expected to stay
locked until it was unlocked properly.

(It may also be that the BUG() is due to exactly that - somebody else
who didn't have the lock unlocked the page from under you, and the
_proper_ unlocker will in that case be the one that oopses).

Do you have something special that triggers this? Can you test if it
only happens with initrd, for example?

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