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SubjectRe: YMF PCI - thanks, glitches, patches (fwd)
> > Ioctl 0x5401 is a mystery. I do not know what it is
> > (looks like SNDCTL_TMR_TIMEBASE without uppper bits).
> It is caused by an attempt to play at 5512 Hz. In fact, this time (I've

I was wrong. It happens for all sounds when sox calls

setvbuf (ft->fp,NULL,_IOFBF,sizeof(char)*BUFSIZ)

Ioctl 0x5401 is not a mystery. It's TCGETS (see
include/asm-i386/ioctls.h). Other drivers (sb_mixer.c) return -EINVAL
silently while ymfpci.c returns -ENOTTY and writes to the log.

> upgraded to test12-pre6 in the meantime) it hung very badly, so that even
> "kill -KILL" doesn't help:

This problem is also fixed by my patch.

--- ymfpci.c Wed Dec 6 11:19:15 2000
+++ ymfpci.c Wed Dec 6 15:50:46 2000
@@ -1867,18 +1867,12 @@
- return -ENOTTY;
+ printk("ymfpci: ioctl cmd 0x%x\n not yet supported", cmd);
+ return -EINVAL;

- /* P3 */ printk("ymfpci: ioctl cmd 0x%x\n", cmd);
- /*
- * Some programs mix up audio devices and ioctls
- * or perhaps they expect "universal" ioctls,
- * for instance we get SNDCTL_TMR_CONTINUE here.
- * XXX Is there sound_generic_ioctl() around?
- */
+ return -EINVAL;
- return -ENOTTY;

static int ymf_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
> Maybe it explains why I'll have to reboot now to kill that "sox" :-/

Nope :-)

Pavel Roskin

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