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    SubjectRe: That horrible hack from hell called A20
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > INT 15-2401 disable A20
    > > INT 15-2402 query status A20
    > > INT 15-2403 query A20 support (kdb or port 92)
    > >
    > > IBM classifies these functions as optional, but it is enabled on a lot
    > > of
    > > new BIOS, no know conflicts, thus we can call this function to enable
    > > A20,
    > > check the result and only after failure we can try the old methods.
    > I trust Linus over BIOS vendors, every single time.

    The problem here is Linus doing things right, and the BIOS vendors not...
    and the BIOS getting confused. If INT 15:24xx is supported, we might
    actually want to use it, under the assumption that if it works, the BIOS
    Suspend-to-Foo routines probably won't get too confused.


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