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SubjectRe: kernel panic in SoftwareRAID autodetection

[Brian Kress <>]
> I got resounding silence to posting the patch last time, so I'm not
> sure if anyone actually wants this patch,

Well, I like it, but admittedly it's mostly in the "cleanup" category
(though it does fix the LVM name issue) so at this point in 2.4 I guess
Linus has more important stuff to worry about.

The best thing about your patch is that by putting the logic back in
the individual drivers, it makes check.c not depend on your module
configuration (so you can compile a disk module, either inside or
outside the kernel tree, without worrying about editing or recompiling

> +char *DAC960_disk_name(struct gendisk *hd, int minor, char *buf)
> +char *cciss_disk_name(struct gendisk *hd, int minor, char *buf)
> +char *ida_disk_name(struct gendisk *hd, int minor, char *buf)
> +char* ide_disk_name(struct gendisk *hd, int minor, char *buf)
> +char *lvm_hd_name(struct gendisk *, int, char *);
> +char *lvm_hd_name(struct gendisk *hd, int minor, char *buf)
> +char *md_disk_name(struct gendisk*, int, char *);
> +char * md_disk_name(struct gendisk *hd, int minor, char* buf)
> +char *scsi_disk_name(struct gendisk *hd, int minor, char *buf)

These should all be 'static char *'.

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