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    SubjectRe: That horrible hack from hell called A20
    "Richard B. Johnson" wrote:
    > The protected-mode switch in INT 15 is probably the least tested BIOS
    > function ever. I wouldn't trust it, and relying on it will put further
    > burden on embedded Linux developers, many of whom don't even have a
    > BIOS. It is 'least tested' because there is no way provided to get
    > back to real-mode. This implies that somebody probably 'tested' it
    > once, verified that some simple 32-bit function executed for a
    > few microseconds, then declared; "It works!".

    And of course, that's pretty much all we'd trust it to do. Personally,
    I'd rather try to use the A20 gate function, if it works. I suspect that
    between the machines where the BIOS or the KBC works, we should be close
    to 100% coverage.

    <> at work, <> in private!
    "Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot."
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