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SubjectRe: All INNOMINATE linux-list feeds are now killed...
Matti Aarnio wrote:
> See attachment, these lists got removed:
> linux-alpha:
> linux-doc:
> linux-fsdevel:
> linux-kernel:
> linux-raid:
> linux-scsi:
> linux-smp:
> sparclinux:
> ultralinux:
> Officially we don't approve bidirectional news<->list feeds, as those
> are prone to this type of blunders of looping messages back to the list.

We know that this is a difficult setup and we tested it thoroughly
before using it, and it worked for a long time now. Unfortunately one of
our admins updated the news server today without thinking of the
implications :-(

We deeply regret this and apologize honestly, but also would like to


system engineer innominate AG
clustering & security the linux architects
tel: +49-30-308806-45 fax: -77
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