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SubjectRe: test12-pre6

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Erik Mouw wrote:
> So at first the PCI code can't allocate an IRQ for devices 00:00.1
> (audio), 00:07.2 (USB), and 00:09.0 (winmodem), but after the audio and
> USB modules get inserted, IRQ 5 and 11 get allocated.

No, the irq stuff is a two-stage process: at first it only _reads_ the irq
config stuff for every device - whether they have a driver or not - and at
this stage it will not ever actually allocate and set up a new route. It
will just see if a route has already been set up by the BIOS.

Then, when a driver actually does a pci_enable_device(), it will do the
second stage of PCI irq routing, which is to actually set up a route if
none originally existed. So this is why you first se "failed" messages
(the generic "test if there is a route" code) and then later when loading
the module you see "allocated irq XX" messages.

So your dmesg output looks fine, and everything is ok at that level. The
fact that something still doesn't work for you indicates that we still
have problems, of course.

Can you tell me what device it is that doesn't work for you?


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