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SubjectRe: test12-pre5
On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Ok, this contains one of the fixes for the dirty inode buffer list (the
> other fix is pending, simply because I still want to understand why it
> would be needed at all). Al?
> Also, it has the final installment of the PageDirty handling, and now
> officially direct IO can work by just marking the physical page dirty and
> be done with it. NFS along with all filesystems have been converted, the
> one hold-out still being smbfs.
> Who works on smbfs these days? I see two ways of fixing smbfs now that
> "writepage()" only gets an anonymous page and no "struct file" information
> any more (this also fixes the double page unlock that Andrew saw).

Urban Widmark is the smbfs maintainer nowadays. BTW Urban thanks again for
the NetApp-fix, it has saved my behind quite a few times by now :)

- Panu -

> - disable shared mmap over smbfs (very easily done by just setting
> writepage to NULL)
> - fetch the dentry that writepage needs by just looking at the
> inode->i_dentry list and/or just make the smbfs page cache host be the
> dentry instead of the inode like other filesystems. The first approach
> assumes that all paths are equal for writeout, the second one assumes
> that there are no hard linking going on in smbfs.
> Somebody more knowledgeable than I will have to make the decision
> (otherwise I'll just end up disabling shared mmap - I doubt anybody really
> uses it anyway, but it would be more polite to just support it).
> NOTE! There's another change to "writepage()" semantics than just dropping
> the "struct file": the new writepage() is supposed to mirror the logic of
> readpage(), and unlock the page when it is done with it. This allows the
> VM system more visibility into what IO is pending (which the VM doesn't
> take advantage of yet, but now it can _truly_ use the same logic for both
> swapout and for dirty file writeback).
> The other change is that I forward-ported the ymfpci driver from 2.2.18,
> as it works better than the ALSA one on my now-to-be-main-laptop ;)
> [ Alan - I ahve your patches in my incoming queue still, I wanted to get
> an interim version out to check with Al on the block list and the VM
> stuff with Rik and people. ]
> Linus
> ----
> - pre5:
> - Jaroslav Kysela: ymfpci driver
> - me: get rid of bogus MS_INVALIDATE semantics
> - me: final part of the PageDirty() saga
> - Rusty Russell: 4-way SMP iptables fix
> - Al Viro: oops - bad ext2 inode dirty block bug
> - pre4:
> - Andries Brouwer: final isofs pieces.
> - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN
> - play CD audio correctly, don't stop after 12 minutes.
> - Anton Altaparmakov: disable NTFS mmap for now, as it doesn't work.
> - Stephen Tweedie: fix inode dirty block handling
> - Bill Hartner: reschedule_idle - prefer right cpu
> - Johannes Erdfelt: USB updates
> - Alan Cox: synchronize
> - Richard Henderson: alpha updates and optimizations
> - Geert Uytterhoeven: fbdev could be fooled into crashing fix
> - Trond Myklebust: NFS filehandles in inode rather than dentry
> - pre3:
> - me: more PageDirty / swapcache handling
> - Neil Brown: raid and md init fixes
> - David Brownell: pci hotplug sanitization.
> - Kanoj Sarcar: mips64 update
> - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN sync
> - Andreas Bombe: ieee1394 cleanups and fixes
> - Johannes Erdfelt: USB update
> - David Miller: Sparc and net update
> - Trond Myklebust: RPC layer SMP fixes
> - Thomas Sailer: mixed sound driver fixes
> - Tigran Aivazian: use atomic_dec_and_lock() for free_uid()
> - pre2:
> - Peter Anvin: more P4 configuration parsing
> - Stephen Tweedie: O_SYNC patches. Make O_SYNC/fsync/fdatasync
> do the right thing.
> - Keith Owens: make mdule loading use the right struct module size
> - Boszormenyi Zoltan: get MTRR's right for the >32-bit case
> - Alan Cox: various random documentation etc
> - Dario Ballabio: EATA and u14-34f update
> - Ivan Kokshaysky: unbreak alpha ruffian
> - Richard Henderson: PCI bridge initialization on alpha
> - Zach Brown: correct locking in Maestro driver
> - Geert Uytterhoeven: more m68k updates
> - Andrey Savochkin: eepro100 update
> - Dag Brattli: irda update
> - Johannes Erdfelt: USB update
> - pre1: (for ISDN synchronization _ONLY_! Not complete!)
> - Byron Stanoszek: correct decimal precision for CPU MHz in
> /proc/cpuinfo
> - Ollie Lho: SiS pirq routing.
> - Andries Brouwer: isofs cleanups
> - Matt Kraai: /proc read() on directories should return EISDIR, not EINVAL
> - me: be stricter about what we accept as a PCI bridge setup.
> - me: always set PCI interrupts to be level-triggered when we enable them.
> - me: updated PageDirty and swap cache handling
> - Peter Anvin: update A20 code to work without keyboard controller
> - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
> - Russell King: ARM updates
> - Geert Uytterhoeven: m68k updates
> -
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