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SubjectRe: test12-pre6
Wakko Warner wrote:
> > - pre6:
> > - Andrew Morton: exec_usermodehelper fixes
> pre4 oopsed all over the place on my alpha with modules and autoloading
> turned on as soon as it mounted / and freed unused memory. I take it this
> was seen on i386 as well?

No... The problems showed themselves a little more subtly than that,
although in the pre5 version there was potential for schedule_task tasks to
be queued before the kernel thread which handles them was started.

This shouldn't normally be a problem, but it becomes a fatal problem if
someone tries to schedule a task and then synchronously waits
for it to complete, as the new exec_usermodehelper does.

This change didn't affect module loading per-se. But the
kernel does try to run /sbin/hotplug from deep within sys_insert_module
and sys_delete_module, so they're related.

> Will try pre6.



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