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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Re: test12-pre6
Oh, Alexander your patch conflicts (well, not strictly but causes
patch(1) to spew warnings) with the one I just wanted to send to Linus 10
minutes ago... maybe you could merge it into yours and re-send to Linus?

Mine is obvious, see below (vfs_permission does have enough to fail with
EROFS on a readonly fs for files/directories/symlinks and truncate(2) is
undefined beyond them):

--- linux/fs/open.c Thu Oct 26 16:11:21 2000
+++ work/fs/open.c Wed Dec 6 06:24:43 2000
@@ -110,10 +110,6 @@
if (error)
goto dput_and_out;

- error = -EROFS;
- if (IS_RDONLY(inode))
- goto dput_and_out;
error = -EPERM;
if (IS_IMMUTABLE(inode) || IS_APPEND(inode))
goto dput_and_out;
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