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SubjectRe: test12pre6: BUG in schedule (sched.c, 115)
On  6 Dec 00 at 14:00, Mike Kravetz wrote:
> Are you sure that was line 115? Could it have been line 515?
> Also, do you have any Oops data?

Yesterday BUG in schedule at 515 happened for me with test12-pre4.
As there were no data, and it was followed by

NMI detected lockup on CPU24 ...

(without any further data... no stack trace), I throwed it away as
some -pre4 memory corruption. Maybe it was not random corruption, but
stack overflow? Of course, my machine does not have 25 CPUs, but only
two PIII...

And no, I have no oops data. I was reviewing Debian changes
(apt-listchanges) when picture scrolled up one line (bug in sched) and
then, after 5 seconds, another one line, with 'NMI detected'... And
that was all, time to hit reset.

It was very patched test12-pre4, it contained Al Viro & Sct dirty buffer
patches, Andrew Morton's exec_usermodehelper, and couple of other
patches, brutto 153KB unzipped unified diff.

Filesystem ext2, 256MB RAM, dual PIII/450, kernel compiled with Debian's
gcc-2.95.2, matroxfb. On background there were Debian's XF4.0.1-9
running with Gnome and DRI, as I was tracking why that beast reprograms
matrox hardware every second (or every minute, depending on format of
clock in left upper corner; but that's another story) even if X are not
visible... (btw that's reason, why matroxfb does not work correctly with
XF4 & DRI...)
Best regards,
Petr Vandrovec

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