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SubjectRE: test12-pre6
> From: Linus Torvalds []
> Now, this is with a bog-standard PIIX irq router, so we
> definitely know
> that we have the pirq table parsing right. I even have unofficial
> confirmation from intel engineers on this.
> But I see something obviously wrong there: you have busmaster
> disabled.
> Looking into the UHCI controller code, I notice that neither
> UHCI driver actually does the (required)
> pci_set_master(dev);
> Please add that to just after a successful
> "pci_enable_device(dev)", and I
> just bet your USB will start working.
> Johannes, Georg, the above is a fairly embarrassing bug, and
> is likely to
> explain a _lot_ of USB failures (the OHCI driver does do this, btw).
> Linus

Gawd, I'm embarrassed even if they aren't.
You probably just wiped out a significant portion of the
USB bug list.


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