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SubjectRe: Serial Console

>> /dev/console will go to serial, but afaik it doesn't block for lack of
>> a terminal. (has something to do with /dev/console being semantically
>> different to /dev/tty..., eg it doesn't block, not sure of the exact
>> details).

>Nope, /dev/console *does* block. ATM I've found a quick workaround - I
>use "stty -F /dev/console clocal -crtscts" to turn off the serial flow
>control at the stawrt of /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit - this seems to work quite
>well... of course it doesn't stop some program turning flow control back
>on and ballsing it all up again :)

I've got a machine here which redirects the console to the serial port using
Lilo 'append="console=ttyS0"' and it boots fine without a connection to the
serial port without having to do any specific manipulation of the flow control.
I think that all serial output is dumped to /dev/null if DCD is not asserted no
matter what the flow control says. Perhaps there are some hardware differences
in the configuration of the control signal pull-up/downs.

Jon Burgess

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