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SubjectRe: [RFC-2] Configuring Synchronous Interfaces in Linux
From: "Ivan Passos" <>
> the parameters we currently need to configure on our board (the
> PC300) are as follows:
> - Media: V.35, RS-232, X.21, T1, E1
> - Protocol: Frame Relay, (Cisco)-HDLC, PPP, X.25 (not sure whether that is
> already supported by the 'hw' option)
> - Clock: 'ext' (or 0, which implies external clock) or some numeric value
> > 0 (which implies internal clock); setting it to 'int' would set
> it to some fixed numeric value > 0 (useful for T1/E1 links, just
> to indicate master clock as opposed to slave or 'ext' clock)
> - Frame Relay only:
> - End type: DCE or DTE (maybe this applies to other interface
> types as well)
> - DLCI: DLC number for the interface
> - T1/E1 only:
> - Line code:
> - Frame mode:
> - LBO (T1 only): line-build-out
> - Rx Sensitivity: short-haul or long-haul
> - Active channels: mask that represents the possible 24/32
> channels (timeslots) on a T1/E1 line

Some others (less common):
- Serial Encoding (NRZ/NRZI)
- Transmit Idle Mode (Flags/Marks)
- Transmit Preamble

> having a unified interface and making the drivers compliant to it is not
that hard
> and surely would help users to dump the currently ridiculous set of
> individual config. tools for these cards (yes, we currently have our own
> pc300cfg, along with the -- not absolute -- "standard" sethdlc utility).
> I'm willing to go for this implementation, but I wanted to know first:
> - whether ifconfig is the right place to do it;
> - where I should create the new ioctl's to handle these new parameters.

The ioctl interface is more universally applicable for my driver
(synclink.c) which offers both the network oriented sync interface
*and* a tty oriented sync interface.

Paul Fulghum
Microgate Corporation

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