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SubjectRe: [RFC-2] Configuring Synchronous Interfaces in Linux
> - Media: V.35, RS-232, X.21, T1, E1
DS1, DS3, ...

> - Protocol: Frame Relay, (Cisco)-HDLC, PPP, X.25 (not sure whether that is
> already supported by the 'hw' option)

Not nicely.

> - Clock: 'ext' (or 0, which implies external clock) or some numeric value
> > 0 (which implies internal clock); setting it to 'int' would set
> it to some fixed numeric value > 0 (useful for T1/E1 links, just
> to indicate master clock as opposed to slave or 'ext' clock)


> I'm sure that _all_ the other sync cards need to configure the _same_
> parameters (or a subset of them), and there may be cards that need even

And more

Generic Z85x30 drivers can run with multiple framing CRC versions (all the
chip can do in theory). So I think you need

bitcoding [NRZ, NRZI]
crctype CRC16, ...

> I'm willing to go for this implementation, but I wanted to know first:
> - whether ifconfig is the right place to do it;
> - where I should create the new ioctl's to handle these new parameters.

I think a new ioctl would be sensible. There is a lot to go in it.

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