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SubjectAny good reason why these is so much memory "reserved"?
	Recently, I have had occasion to build a system on a floppy
for a 4MB machine that we use as a router. In the past, the kernels
that we have listed something like 400kB as the amount of memory "reserved"
when they boot. Now, they claim to reserved 4MB when configured with
CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G and 2MB when configured with CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM. The
initial ramdisk then does not have enough space to decompress and the
system halts (out of memory and no killable process). I am tracking
this down and fix it (because the problem of building a small system
has broader application than just this box). My current suspicion is
that it is some problem with the "bootmem" changes of about six
months ago. However, I thought I should post this message, in case
there is some reason why the kernel really does need have to reserve
all of this memory and that I should not try to change things back.

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