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SubjectRe: test12-pre5
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Ok, this contains one of the fixes for the dirty inode buffer list (the
> other fix is pending, simply because I still want to understand why it
> would be needed at all). Al?

I've run the same test suite against vanilla test12-pre5 on two machines for
five hours. On ext2/IDE/SMP+UP it's solid.

I'll test Al's latest bforget_inode patch overnight, but that's already
been through the wringer once.

> Also, it has the final installment of the PageDirty handling, and now
> officially direct IO can work by just marking the physical page dirty and
> be done with it. NFS along with all filesystems have been converted, the
> one hold-out still being smbfs.
> Who works on smbfs these days? I see two ways of fixing smbfs now that
> "writepage()" only gets an anonymous page and no "struct file" information
> any more (this also fixes the double page unlock that Andrew saw).
Mike Galbraith.

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