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SubjectRe: Change of /proc/cpuinfo format

> I'm not quite sure why the name change is necessary, and even if one
> wants to keep the name change there is a discontunity of cpuinfo
> formats and programs which intend to run on kernels 2.2 and 2.4 needs
> to know this...

The reason is that HPA, who did the recent IA32 CPU detection cleanup,
felt that the information reported in the new 'features' field was
sufficiently different from that reported in the old 'flags' field that
it was worth renaming -- so that programs wouldn't try to rely on the
old flag names.

(Specifically: some flags were renamed to be distinct between Intel,
AMD, etc, because the exact behavior of the flag may vary between

> - "features\t:",
> + "flags\t:",

This patch is already in test12pre5, and is wrong. You need two tabs
after 'flags'.

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