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SubjectRE: shared memory, mmap not recommended?

> [Linus]
> > > (otherwise I'll just end up disabling shared mmap - I
> doubt anybody
> > > really uses it anyway, but it would be more polite to just support
> > > it).
> [Peter Rönnquist]
> > I was thinking about using mmap for shared mememory in my program,
> > but now I am reconsidering. Is the System V or Posix mechanism for
> > shared memory a better(it will be supported in 2.4) choice?
> [Peter Samuelson]
> Linus was talking about shared mmap on a file in an smbfs filesystem.
> Rather different from what you are talking about. For regular shared
> memory, shared mmap should be OK if you actually need backing store
> (i.e. the state you are sharing is persistent). Often this is not the
> case, in which case POSIX shm might be best.

I see, thanks a lot for the clarification.

Peter Rönnquist
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