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SubjectRe: ip_nat_ftp and different ports

> > I'm running 1.1.2 right now, actually, which should have the 'ftp-multi
> > patch for non-standard ftp servers'...
> Well have you applied the ftp-multi patch? (this is a patch so that the
> ftp-module takes a ports parameter, the thing you probably are talking
> about is a bug which I and several others found in the ftp-module, these
> two things have nothing with each other to do.)

Well, after having no time for a coule of days, back to business ;))
I've downloaded + applied the ftp-multi patch and recompiled the modules.
then loaded them with ports=21,41,42,62,63, which works (well, no
Then trying the application for which i needed it: doesn't work ;((

Are there maybe some major/crucial differences between the 2.2.x version
(which works) of ip_masq_ftp and the 2.4.x version of ip_nat_ftp ??

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