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SubjectRe: [RFC-2] Configuring Synchronous Interfaces in Linux

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Matthew G. Marsh wrote:
> I would like to note an objection to using ifconfig to carry all of this.
> For example I do not use or even have ifconfig on any of my systems as I
> only use/need/want Alexey's ip utility to perform all of those tasks.
> I would rather have an independant utility that could set and check the
> settings of all of these variables for whatever classes of networking
> connections existed. This would provide a cleaner split between the
> protocol configuration (IPv4, IPv6, IPX, ...) and the device (V.##,
> 10/100, 4/16/100, etc) parameters.
> Such a split should make for a cleaner configuration structure WRT virtual
> devices as well which for the most part deal with the protocol config and
> do not need much device config.
> FWIW: Alexey's ip has replaced both ifconfig and route on my systems.
> Something that could now replace having several different card config
> utils around with one binary would be fantastic.

Very good point IMHO. I'll have a look at ip to see if I can get ideas
from it. Thanks for the info!!


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