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SubjectRe: 2.4.0-test11: kernel: waitpid(823) failed, -512
On Sun, Dec 03, 2000 at 11:36:11PM +0100, Frank van Maarseveen wrote:
> While playing with routing (zebra) and PPP I regularly see this
> message appearing. It always happens when pppd terminates a connection,
> e.g:
> Dec 3 23:09:08 mimas kernel: waitpid(823) failed, -512

This means a system call returned with an error code of -ERESTARTSYS
when a signal wasn't pending; this is a kernel bug.

However, I've looked at the code to sys_wait4 (which implements
waitpid), and I can't see where this might happen. Just before
end_wait4, it does do something potentially dangerous in that it
leaves retval set to -ERESTARTSYS, but in all of the code paths I can
see, retval gets reset before it exits. The only thing I can think of
is a compiler bug; what version of gcc are you using?


- Ted

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