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SubjectRe: HPT366 + SMP = slight corruption in 2.3.99 - 2.4.0-11
Agreed.  I've got one of these beasts running NT Server, dual 433 non o/c,
4x12.7 gig software raid. Before i put the Promise Ultra/33 card in, i was
using the HPT366. Random lockups every couple weeks. Stopped using the
HPT366, machine is stable now. In hindsight, I think the HPT366 was the cause
of the Onstream 50 gig drive that locked up frequently too, before i shipped
that back to Onstream. One thing that did help on stability was putting a cpu
fan on the chipset.

Dan Hollis wrote:

> Your 1 success out of maybe 500-1000 peoples failures. Not exactly a great
> average for this motherboard. BP6 is notorious for instability, HPT366 on
> it is about 50% of the problems.
> -Dan

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