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There is a little bug in the kernel file drivers/sound/ for ARM

When I do make xconfig, an error shows up. The cause is in line 11 of
this file :

if [ "$CONFIG_SA1100_ASSABET" = "y" -o "$CONFIG_SA1100_BITSY" = "y" -o \
"$CONFIG_SA1100_PANGOLIN" = "y" -o $CONFIG_SA1100_FREEBIRD = "y" -o
"$CONFIG_SA1100_YOPY" = "y" ]; then
dep_tristate ' Assabet/Bitsy/Pangolin/Yopy audio support (UDA1341)'

Note that $CONFIG_SA1100_FREEBIRD must be quoted :

That's all.

Thank you for your work.

Jordi Colomer.

P.S. : This message was sent originally to, but he replied

"I am not actively maintaining this file any more. Please send a copy
of your letter to Feel free to quote my
e-mail to other people if you think it will be helpful."
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