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SubjectRe: Fasttrak100 questions...

[Pavel Machek]
> Hmm, add special code for GPL into gzip ;-).

Someone on debian-devel thought of this, but went one further: change
the gzip header magic so that only a "GPL-enabled" gzip can decompress

I wonder how the zlib maintainers (zlib is not GPL) would feel about
having to add support for *that*. (:

> PS: That's crazy. Including it by reference should be enough. I do
> not want waste 17K on every file.

It's not crazy, it's RMS. (: I guess he is worried about some .deb file
falling into the wrong hands and being used on a system where nobody
has heard of the GPL and there is no copy available ... then the target
user won't know his or her rights and responsibilities.

Yeah, I think it's pretty far-fetched too.

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