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SubjectRe: Problem with ATX halt
On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 11:59:06PM -1000, Ryan Sizemore wrote:
> I have a comp. running mandrake 7.2, and when i go to power it down, it
> gives me a screen full of errors, including a stackdump. It happens as the
> very last thing (including being after the file system is unmounted, so I
> highly doubt that the error is recorded somewhere. But i will hand-copy the
> stack for whomever thinks it may be useful. The error is reproduced every
> time, without equivication. Any insight or questions are much apriciated.
> The motherboard is a Soyo 5EMA+ r1.0 w/ ETEQ EQ82C6638 Chipset, and it has
> an Award BIOS.

A BIOS upgrade fixes this, as well as some major problems
with large IDE drives. I have the same motherboard and had
the same problem until I updated the BIOS. Their ChangeLog
even says "Systems running Linux can now properly shutdown." will get you to the page, and get the latest file
for the 5EMA+. In fact, I'll even be kind enough to provide the
disk image I used with DOS and the bios image and updater on
it. Put in a blank 1.4MB floppy disk, download this file from, and run as root:

dd if=biosdisk.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=512 conv=sync ; sync

Then boot of the floppy and run the updater with the bios file as an
argument. I forget which is which but the updater ends in .EXE and the
bios image ends in .BIN.

Let it finish and reboot into Linux. Good luck.

Software piracy nazis, M$: No flames, please.
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