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SubjectNew info -- HPT370 RAID support now possible? (was New possibilities for HPT370 RAID support?)
I've read everything that I can find regarding support of the Highpoint
controllers RAID functionality under Linux, and I understand what the issues
have been. The one promising bit of information that I dug up in this process is
that the 'pseudo' RAID functionality of the Highpoint and Promise IDE RAID
controllers is now supported in FreeBSD (4.2-RELEASE and 5.0-CURRENT). My
question is, can the new BSD code be leveraged to add support for these
controllers to the Linux kernel, and could we reasonably expect to see such
support in the near future?

(I think that most all of the relevant/important bits are in ata-raid.c and/or
ata-raid.h. In
any event, the IDE/ATA guy over on the FreeBSD side is Soren Schmidt
(, and he
wrote all of the stuff for this. It is my understanding that he got all of the
info on how Highpoint lays out the geometry of the array directly from
Highpoint, and that they were "very forthcoming" with whatever information that
the FreeBSD team asked for.

There are also indications of support in OpenBSD and NetBSD's pciide driver,
based on work done by Chris Cappuccio ( and Manuel Bouyer

Please CC: me directly on any replies, and Thanks very much in advance.
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