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    SubjectRe: Repeatable 2.4.0-test13-pre4 nfsd Oops rears it head again
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > I bet that others will have other recommendations, but so far I have at
    > least personally had good luck with the eepro100.

    The 3c905C is a well manufactured and very feature-rich NIC which at
    present appears to have fewer problem reports than eepro100, 8139 or tulip.

    Available in PCI, Cardbus, Mini-PCI. A dual-interface PCI version has
    just been released (3c982), although we've yet to hear of anyone trying
    it with Linux.

    3com provide full specs without any NDA restrictions, plus a GPL'ed

    Perhaps most significantly, the 905 has full scatter/gather support.
    This isn't used at present, but Alexey's zerocopy-sendfile patches
    do utilise it. He currently has scatter-gather support for acenic,
    3c905 and sunhme. I don't know what the plans are to support other
    100 mbps NICs.

    The in-kernel 3c59x.c isn't the world's fastest driver. On the todo list
    for 2.5 is MMIO support, scatter-gather maintenance, optional use of DPD
    polling and implementation of the onboard multicast hash filter. And
    implementation of the on-board VLAN support if 2.5 becomes VLAN-capable.

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