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SubjectRe: multiprocessor kernel problem
Rusty Russell <> writes:

> In message <> you write:
> >
> > I have 2.4.0 test 10 and test 11 installed on a multiprocessor (Intel)
> > machine. I have tried both test versions of the kernel. I configured
> > the kernel for single
> > and multi processor. When I boot single processor, iptables will run
> > fine. When I boot the machine with the multiprocessor kernel and run
> > iptables, the kernel dumps several pages of hex and the final two lines
> > of output are:
> >
> > Killing interrupt handler
> > scheduling in interrupt
> My development box (running test10pre5) is SMP, and it works fine.

yes, but is it a dual machine or is it an N-way SMP with N > 2? the
other guy with iptables/SMP problems also has a quad box. could this
perhaps be a problem only when you have more than two processors?

> I
> haven't updated to the latest kernel version because I like my
> filesystems in one piece, and the netfilter code hasn't changed.
> What is your kernel configuration, and iptables version? Have you
> patched the kernel?

i tried 2.4.0-test10 (no patches) with iptables 1.1.2. this is an alr
revolution quad6 (4 ppros).

i posted this to the netfilter mailing list a while back.

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