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SubjectRe: lost dirs after fsck-1.18 (kt133, ide, dma, test10, test11)
   From: "Saber Taylor" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2000 05:59:47 -0000

Well that's the last time I run a devel kernel with a nontest
system. sigh.

Had one directory replaced with a different directory
and also a directory replaced with a file. Possible further

I don't think I lost the directories until I did a 'fsck -y'
on the partition. Something to remember.

If it was just the directories that got lost, the files should have
been reparented to the /lost+found directory for that filesystrem. If
however the bug wiped out part of your inode table, then you would have
probably lost both the directory and the files in that directory, since
directories and files tend to be stored in the same block group.

If anyone has advice on recovering the directories other than
the following links, I'm all ears:

Without more details about how the corruption happened or what the
nature of the corruption is, it's hard to give good general advice.
Those websites aren't bad places to start. Good luck.....

- Ted
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